TTMIK Spanish
Vocabulary 흑역사 = bad memory 억양 = accent 뺨 = cheek 닿다 = to touch 상관 없다 = it doesn't matter 절대 = never 기본적 = basic 표연  = expression (phrase) 천재 = genius 노관심 = don't care 혁명 = revolution 계속 = continuously 대박 =amazing 속어 = slang 드디어 = finally 피하다 = to avoid ...
Sometimes on the Internet, all we need is the right search term. For my learning Korean, I really find double subtitles helpful, so without further ado, here is the Youtube query.
Obey the sign
The more I "awaken" to the Korean language, the more I realize how many words I don't know. Of course, most of these words are spoken in the conversations around me, and I can't grasp them. However, the public space if filled with signs that I can take the time to read and understand. Such ...
Dual subtitles
I just had an epiphany about immersion learning - watching a Korean film with double subtitles for simultaneous visual and auditory cues. Google gave me Kris' site where a published this article on how to set up dual subtitles in the popular media player. VLC.
Traffic congestion (TTMIK Story Time)
  Useful vocabulary 승합차 = van 엉켜 = entangled 승용차 = passenger car 묶여 = tied 도로 = road 부족하다 = to lack 주차 = parking 뿐만 = only 안지 = only 예잔에 = before 괸장히 = very 부분 = part 공용 = public 공간 = space 해결 = solution 드디어 = finally 빠지다 = ...
한국말을 쉽게 배울 수 있어요
Useful vocabulary 도전적인 = challenging 표음문자 = phonetic 웬일 = for some reason 곰곰이 = reflect 몇일 = few days 성별 대명사 = gender pronouns 성별 = gender 구조 = structure 교체하다 = exchange 상솽 = situation 유창하다 = to be fluent 엄청 = super
오동 (비디오)
오늘은 이 비디오를 찾아봤어요. 다음 월에 한국에 가고 한국 움식을 많이 먹으려면 기분이 좋아요. 대화가 정말 구어적인것 같아요. 유용한 다너들: 일부러, 섞다, 강주하다, 가득하다, 전혀, 다양하다, 옮기다, 욕 먹다, 어려워요: 넘우 빨리 발음한 "...들려주는 것 같도라구요". 야! 오빠, 천천히 :)