Obey the sign

The more I “awaken” to the Korean language, the more I realize how many words I don’t know. Of course, most of these words are spoken in the conversations around me, and I can’t grasp them. However, the public space if filled with signs that I can take the time to read and understand.

Such as here in this coffeeshop where I am writing. On a chalkboard it says that you’re not allowed to bring your own food (luckily, I didn’t do this anyway)

“외부 음식 반입 금지에용!”

That’s the colloquial version (look at the -용 ending). The official prohibition is next to it in print:

“외부 음식은 반입을 제한합니다.”

Explicit grammar, and the use of 제한하다, which is more formal I guess.

It also says they can’t provide extra paper cups:

“여분의 컵은 제공이 불가합니다”

and this:

“음료는 1인 1메뉴 주문 부탁드립니다”

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