Too hot to handle

If you walk the streets of downtown Seoul on a working day – that is: any day – chances are that you will see units of the Korean Working Forces marching on their way from a coffee shop to their office buildings, take-out coffee cup in hand.

The coffee culture has taken Korea by storm, and the urban areas here, with their 24-hour hustle and bustle, probably belong the the most caffeinated of the world.

When I order a take-out coffee, I always ask for a lid because it keeps the fluid warm.

“컵 뚜껑 주세요.”
“수통에 뜨거운 컵 뚜껑없어요.”
“컵에 큰 구멍이 없습니다.”
“운전할 때 큰 구멍 없는 뚜껑없는뜨거운 물 담고있는 물건 무서워요.”



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