Playing Word Snake

A common Korean word game is creating “snakes” of words, where the last syllable of one word must coincide with the first syllable of the next. The Korean language is of course extremely well suited for this game.

Apart from an amusing pastime you can play with friends, this game is also a great vocabulary builder, because the syllables function to create a web of associations aiding in the task of memorizing the words.

Let’s give it a try.

유식유식 – 식당당 -당나귀 -귀약 -약국 -국민 -민박 -박라바 🙂

동생 -생각 -각도 -도시락 -락아빌리 🙂

안해 – 해병 – 병원 – 원두 -두즈백 🙂

Feel free to comment with a longer and more versatile snake;-

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