Talk to me in Korean

Talk to me in Korean has great videos available on Youtube. Here I’m sharing a natural Korean talk along with a vocabulary list of the words I had to look up myself. It’s a funny conversation and indeed very natural, as my Korean wife has ensured me 🙂

Selected vocabulary

수다 = to chat
매력적 = attractive
인기 = popularity
무조건 = must
탓 = fault
피하다 = to avoid
자상하다 = to be generous
살작 = a little
잡아당기다 = to pull
감동하다 = to be moved
근대 = but
의심 = doubt
외모 = appearance
중요하다 = to be important
우선 = first of all
자상 = generous
감동하다 = to be moved
바람둥이 = Casanova
위모 = appearance
첫인상 = first impression
신경 쓰다 = getting on s.o. nerves
반대로 = on the other hand
착하다 = to be nice
연예인 = celebrity
밤새 = overnight
현실 = reality
불친저하다 = to be rude
절대 = never
성격 = personality
못생기다 = to be ugly
다가가다 = to approach
물론 = of course
소개팅 = blind date
참다 = endure
욕하다 = to curse

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