Going to the movies

I found videos with double subtitles absolutely invaluable for language learning. When I was living in Korea, I endured a lot of Korean talk shows and drama, but without subtitling I couldn’t understand. Even with English subtitles, it was hard to learn because I couldn’t match the fast spoken words with their English counterparts.

Talk to me in Korean occassionally publishes videos with bilingual subtitles – and I devour them. Just sit back with your finger on the spacebar and the video full screen, and watch it as many times as you need to fully understand.

I have gone to the movies in Korea (with English subtitles) and, well, it’s the same as everywhere else in the world. I’d prefer a “DVD-bang” although I suspect that word will soon go the way of the dinosaurs since nobody uses DVDs anymore. Perhaps the Korean language could be enriched by the term “SSD-drive-bang”

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