Attractive men (이야기 #5)

Another funny conversation about attractive men in the eyes of Korean females. They should be funny, good-looking, confident, nice, honest…. you get the idea.

Selected Vocabulary

실제로 = in fact
인기가하다 = to be popular
X한테 = to (in Xs view)
탓을하다 = to blame
피하다 = to avoid
자상한 = well cared-for
감동하다 = to be impressive
외모 = appearance
첫인상 = first impression
중요하다 = to be important
신경 쓰다 = to be on one’s mind
반대로 = opposite
경우 = in the case of
상냥하다 = to be generous/nice
까칠하다 = to be picky
튕기가 = to bounce
착하다 = to be kind
연예인 = celebrity
정도로 = about
현실 = reality
속에 = inside
불친절 = unkindness/impoliteness
성격 = character/personality
어쩌면 = perhaps
점도 = foundation
바람둥이 = casanova
사귀다 = to go out on a date
시키다 = to order someone
욕하다 = curse

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