Stress (video with vocabulary)

Here is another great video from “Talk to me in Korean”, number 3 in the IYAGI-series. I’ve compiled a list of the words that I had to look up; words range from difficult terms to expressions that you kind of know but forgot how to translate it exactly (물론, 꼭, 보통,…) Ok, I’m speaking for myself here, as someone who has a hard time learning vocabulary. Comments are welcome in case you see a wrong word translation or you have any suggestions. Thank you!

Anyway, here is the video  with a word list I open in a small window alongside it. Enjoy.

숫자 = number
먼저 = first
이기다 = to win
승자 = winner
선수 = player
계속 = continue
쌓이다 = to pile up
여러가지 = several
외로오다 = to come out of
따루다 = to follow
떨어지다 = to fall
그리움 = longing
풀다 = to solve
종류 = kind of
고라다 = to choose
감미로운 = sweet like nectar
후회하다 = to regret
보통 = usually
절대 = never
군대에 = in the army
개운하다 = to have good luck
단순하다 = to be simple
수다 = chat
노력 = effort
효율적인 = effective
평범하다 = normal
물론 = of course
당연하다 = naturally
기대하다 = to expect

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